July 4-29, 2016

Week One: Technology and the Sacred 

Monday, July 4: Phil of Technology: introductions  Phil of Religion: the nature of religion: the sacred and the demonic  The lay of the land today, especially for digital natives 

Tuesday, July 5: Phil of Technology: Technological neutrality, determinism and SCOT  Rdg: “How Religious Communities Negotiate New Media Religiously” by Heidi Campbell  Phil of Religion: Mimetic and Oral religion: (Ong and Girard)  Rdg: “Transformations of the Word”, Walter Ong S.J. 

.Afternoon Presentation: a presentation and discussion on Indigenous  Religiosity and its Christianization by Dan Spottswood SJ  (he just finished Theology in Bogata, Columbia and is off to doctoral studies in Anthropology and Religion in Edinburgh this Fall) 

Wednesday, July 6Philosophy of Technology: Latour’s Actant Network Theory  Rdg: “Morality and Technology: The End of the Means” by  Bruno Latour

Philosophy of Religion: Jesus’ critique of Mimetic religion  “What is Axial about the Axial Age?” by Robert Bellah 

Evening FilmMetropolis  Rdg from Men and Machines by Stuart Chase (1929) 

Thursday, July 7:Philosophy of Technology: Discussion of Metropolis.   Philosophy of Religion: Medieval Scribal culture and religious life  Rdg: “Identity, Mother Tongues and Distancing Languages,”   “The Denatured Word: Alphabet and Print” both by Walter Ong S.J. 

Friday, July 8: Philosophy of Technology: from scribal to print culture  Philosophy of Religion: the Reformation and the rise of electronic culture 

Week Two: Virtual life 

Monday, July 11: Philosophy of Technology: from text to hypertext.  Rdg: “Reading Hypertext: Coherence and Order in a New Medium” by John Slatin 

Philosophy of Religion: Actant Network approach to religion  Rdg: “Thou Shalt Not Freeze-Frame: How Not to Misunderstand the Science and Religion Debate,” by Bruno Latour 

Afternoon Presentation: On line education in third world contexts.  Mary McFarland: director of Jesuit Commons bringing on line Education to refugee camps. 

Tuesday, July 12:  Philosophy of Technology: Phenomenology and Science in the early   twentieth century  Rdg: “The Crisis in the European Sciences,” by Edmund Husserl  Rdg: “The Crisis in the European Sciences,” by Edmund Husserl  Philosophy of Religion: Ihde: the phenomenology of technology 

Wednesday, July 13: Philosophy of Technology: The World as hypertext    Philosophy of Religion: Enhancement Technologies  Rdg: “The Problem with Perfection” by Michael Sandel

Evening Documentary: “Transcendent Man: The Life and Thought of   Raymond Kurzweil”  Rdg: “The Transhumanist Manifesto” by Simon Young 

Thursday, July 14: Philosophy of Technology: discussion of transhumanism  Philosophy of Religion: Transcendence: Technological and  Religious  Rdg: “Contingency and Grace” by Albert Borgmann  “Technology and Transcendence” by Peter-Paul Veerbeck 

Friday, July 15: Philosophy of Religion Virtual Immortality  “Engineering Immortality: Radical Life Extension and its Critics” by Tim Clancy SJ  “Eternal Youth” by Ryan Francis, digital native  Philosophy of Technology: robot ethics 

Week Three: Critiques of Contemporary Technology and Religion: 

  Monday, July 18: Philosophy of technology: life on line/the virtual self Philosophy of religion: virtual theology

Tuesday, Jul 19Philosophy of Technology: Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Technology  Rdg: “The Question Concerning Technology”  Philosophy of Religion: Calculative vs Contemplative Thought  Rdg: “Memorial Address,” 

Wednesday , July 20: Philosophy of Technology: Borgmann and Berry Borgmann: “The Device Paradigm”  Berry: “The Whole Horse”  “Why I am not Buying a Computer” 

Evening film: Up in the Air 

Thursday, July 21:  Philosophy of Religion: Graphic art  Rdg from Roisin.   Philosophy of Technology: Up in the Air discussion 

Afternoon session:  Experiencing and exploring virtual resources for ritual in virtual and augmented realities.  

Friday, July 22:  Philosophy of Religion: online ritual   Rdg by Antonio Spadaro, “Liturgy, Sacraments and Virtual  Presence”  Rdg by Rachel Wagner “The Games we Pray” 

Week Four:  

Monday July 25: Philosophy of Religion Teilhard’s vision  Rdg: selection from The Divine Milieu 

Philosophy of Technology: Pope Francis’ critique of contemporary Technology  Rdg: chapter 3 of Laudato Si 

Tuesday July 26Presentations:   Matt Yimm SJ, Circles and Lines, Francis Nguyen SJ, The Limitations of Design, Robert McDonald, Matirmony, Physics and the Law, Davy Nguyen   

Wednesday: Presentations:  Evaristus Ekwueme SJ, Understanding the Virus in the Network  Francis XU SJ, Encountering You in the Street  Trevor Rainwater SJ, Virtual Sacraments  Nopparut Ruankool SJ (Bee), The Political Public Sphere and   Social Media 

Thursday, July 28:Presentations:  Joe Israel SJ, Millennials and Multiple Identities Pierre Luhata SJ, The Virtual Age as a New Frontier  Jennifer McCutchen  Gino Maroni 

Friday, July 29:Review: What are you taking with you? Where do we go from here?