his summer seminar addresses several of the learning outcomes identified by the June 2014 document on the initial intellectual formation of Jesuit Brothers and Scholastics.  

Regarding the study of the context of mission

  • The seminar will enable an understanding and appreciation of the complexities of the human condition 
  •  It will provide an analysis of structures and developments in society and culture, especially those relevant to faith, justice, religious pluralism and ecological issues. 
  • Scholastics will encounter important texts illustrating how thinkers and cultures have sought to respond to fundamental questions and dimensions of human and social existence. 
  • It will offer a methodology for continually reflecting on changing contexts of mission. 

Regarding the content of the faith: 

  • Scholastics will be introduced to a systematic understanding of how the mysteries of faith relate to human existence and history 
  • It will open a dialogue with the secular world and mindset.  

Regarding pedagogy: 

  • The seminar seeks to cultivate an appreciative and critical appropriation of scholastics’ own cultural, intellectual and religious tradition with a respectful openness and humble attentiveness to the Other.  
  • The seminar will be interdisciplinary, with ongoing interaction and dialogue between experience and reflection, theory and praxis.  
  • It will employ academic rigor and clarity while stimulating the imagination and creativity 
  • The seminar would form a community of learners and stimulate among scholastics ongoing searching, inquiry, reflection and study on the many pressing current issues it raises. It will marry philosophical, social scientific and theological analysis to pastoral discernment and spiritual practice.  

For more information: 

If you are interested in participating in this summer seminar on Religion in the Virtual Age or would like more information feel free to email clancy@gonzaga.edu. Hope to see you this summer!