Mimetic Roots

Oral Culture

Religion for Hunter-Gatherers

Religion and the Neolithic Revolution

Maternal Cosmotheism : Old Europe

Patriarchal Aryan Cosmotheism 

Bronze Age Scribal Religion

Bronze Age Religion: Mimetic Desire, Violence and Religious Sacrifice

Religion and the Axial Revolution

Plato’s Axial Critique

Jesus’ Axial Critique

Radical Axial Mysticism: Valentinian Gnosticism

Axial Hermeneutics- Part 1: Origen on a Hermeneutical Christian Ontology

Axial Hermeneutics- Part 2: Dinoysius on Religious Language about God

Medieval Arguments over God: Human Nature

Axial Arguments over God in Hellenistic and Medieval Christianity

Medieval Axial Arguments over God, Philosophy of Religion

Paper & Print

Print Christianity

Print Ontology: Geometrical Reason

Print Ontology: The 3 rd Person Logic of Deism and Design

Print Ontology: The 1st Person Apotheosis of the Self

Religious Critiques of Industrial Technology

Romantic Critiques of Industrial Technology – Human Nature

Human Nature : Romanticism

Industrial Christianity

Freud & The Industrial Self

Electromagnetic Spirituality

Human Nature : first exam review